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Cultural shopping and dining experiences abound in Winnipeg’s historic little Chinatown.

Winnipeg Chinatown Night Market
September 9-10!

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Officially formed in 1909, this is the neighbourhood to visit if your taste buds savour the flavours of Cantonese, Szechwan, Huaiyang, and Shandong cuisine. There are also plenty of shops filled with spices, teas and ancient herbal medicines to browse through. Completed in 1987, the gardens at the Dynasty and Mandarin buildings offer visitors a tranquil and exotic spot for an outdoor lunch or place to reflect. The Dynasty Building's many roofs are a symbol of good luck, while the Mandarin Building is decorated with a replica of the Imperial Nine Dragons mural. The ornately decorated street bridge connecting the Dynasty and Mandarin buildings welcomes visitors to the area.



To us, Folklorama is a celebration of culture and one of the biggest events in Manitoba. Our Winnipeg Chinatown is the home of one of the oldest pavilions who appeared alongside seven others during Canada's first Folklorama.

100 Years of Chinatown

2009 marked the 100th anniversary of the Chinese community in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The celebration included activities, cultural shows, displays ,and gatherings all of which were led by Doctor Joseph Du, the Chairman of the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural & Community Centre.


A big tourist attraction, Winnipeg's Chinatown still manages to preserve its distinctive oriental atmosphere. Currently, with a Chinese population of more than 20000, Winnipeg Chinatown will be there to serve this dynamic community for years to come.

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Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre

2nd floor, 180 King Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 3GB

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Several organizations who care about the future of our downtown have come together to help our downtown recover with the support of all three levels of government.

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